Sean Conway,Legal guardian,Weld County, Colorado

12 Weld County adoptions mark National Adoption Day

November 19, 2016

Attorney Dallas Greenfield was Peter Levi’s guardian ad litem – meaning he was appointed by the court to protect the child’s interests and help the boy find a permanent home. Technically, Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway attended Weld County Adoption Day on Friday morning on business. The Weld County Board of Commissioners had issued a proclamation in support of the event, and Conway represented the board. But what Conway had to say was far from a perfunctory thank you. “I’m going to share a story I’ve never shared before,” he told the audience packed into a courtroom overflowing with stuffed animals and balloons. “My oldest sister was adopted (almost 50 years ago), and I remember, as a small child, sitting in a courtroom that was not nearly this welcoming, so thank you all.” The event is part of a nationwide effort began in 2000 aimed at connecting over 100,000 American children in foster care with permanent families, according to...

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