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20 Tips For Parents Helping Each Other As Their Kids Transition Back To School

February 4, 2017

When kids go back to school at various ages, new demands pile on parents very quickly. New schedules, new homework, new teachers, and new schools are just the beginning. Increasing energy and stamina by parents are needed to cope with all the changes along with their kids’ range of emotions about the impending school year. The households that fare the best are when the parents prepare to work together to share the wide range of responsibilities. 20 Co-Parenting Tips 1. Decide which responsibilities each parent is best at and enjoys the most and divide them up. 2. Support each others’ emotions as the kids begin this new academic and social year. 3. Make a priority list of the tasks that need to be done before school starts such as clothes shopping, learning about bus pick-ups, and school supplies. 4. If both parents are working outside the home, agree on child care arrangements that work for kids and parents alike. Remember what didn’t work the previous school year, so the same mistakes aren’t repeated. Also, repeat what worked!! 5. Counsel each other on the kinds of worries each child may have, so you are prepared for the concerns you will need to assuage. 6. Decide which parent has an easier times talking about difficult topics with each child. Spend time alone with that child without pressure just having loose conversations about school life to field possible questions and worries. 7. Decide which parent should help each child organize their rooms so they are all set for the new blast of homework assignments. Be easy going about it, so you’re child is reassured they are...

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