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A 2-Week Vacation With His Kids Changed 1 Dad's Entire Parenting Perspective

January 10, 2017

The following article was written by Ben Stahl, the husband of POPSUGAR Moms contributor Kate Stahl, with a few loving edits from his grammatically superior wife. I think of myself as an involved father. I am home by 6 p.m. most nights. I change out of my suit and tie, eat the dinner my wife has prepared (the fact that she's such a good cook was a postmarriage surprise and one I'm extremely grateful for), and jump into it with the kids. Most nights I send my wife, who stays home with our kids, upstairs for a breather while I play with our son, who's almost 3, and our daughter, who turns 6 in April. Then I finish cleaning the kitchen, bathe our little monsters, and put one of our kids to bed while my wife takes the other. I know a lot of dads who leave before their kids are up and aren't home until after they're asleep, but it's important to me to be a big part of their lives. On the weekends, I do my best to make sure my wife gets time to rest and do her own thing while I take over some of the parenting duties. However, I'll admit that even those two hours and weekends with our wild, meltdown-prone children often leave me feeling exhausted. It's hard to imagine how, most days, my wife tacks on another 11 or so hours solo with them and doesn't end the day in the huddling in the fetal position or throwing back a bottle of wine (though I'll admit, I've seen her do both a time or two). The truth is, I think my wife is much better at being with the kids than I am....

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