Advice For Beyoncé From One Twin Mama To Another

February 4, 2017

Beyoncé and I have a lot in common. Stay with me here. I live in Houston, she’s from Houston. She just announced she is pregnant with twins, I have twins. We had an older daughter before having our twins, and so does she. She likes to visit BB’s Café when she’s in town and we love that place, too. If we met in real life, I hope we would hit it off. It also doesn’t hurt that “All the Single Ladies” is one of our bedtime songs. True story. So, since we are (clearly) already meant to be friends, I feel like I can give Beyoncé a little direct advice about twin parenthood. People will give you lots of advice — only take it from other twin parents Things that applied to raising Blue Ivy don’t necessarily apply when you have twins. “Never wake a sleeping baby,” doesn’t work when you need two kids on the same feeding schedule to have any chance of taking a shower or sleeping again. How do you feed two babies at once? What kind of stroller works best for two infants and an older child? Should they sleep together or apart? How do you survive bed rest? These were the kinds of questions I never asked with our oldest, but faced during my twin pregnancy. Find some other twin moms and ask them all your questions. I know it doesn’t sound like it would be that different than having one, but it is. Reach out to Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker. They will give you the real scoop. The pregnancy is hard I know you are in amazing shape, and judging from the photo you posted, you are already carrying your babies like a dream, but twin pregnancies are hard on every body! I remember being at an OB appointment and asking if it was...

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