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Advice on parenting teens from an Uber driver (with an assist from Bob Marley)

December 13, 2016

Parenting information and wisdom comes from all different kinds of sources. I recently received some very valuable advice on parenting teens from an Uber driver. I got into the car at the airport and Andrew, my driver, was chatty. With Bob Marley playing on the radio, he mentioned his daughter who is in her twenties. We still had a ways to go, so I decided to see if he had any advice as a man who has been there. "So you've made it through parenting a teen daughter. My daughter is only 14. What do you wish you had known at that age?" I asked, as "One Love" played in the background. It seemed more than a little appropriate. Andrew was more than happy to answer my question. Turns out that he has not one, but four daughters. The one he had first mentioned is the eldest. The others are still in their teens. He's in the thick of it, and he had given a fair amount of thought to the issue of raising teen girls. He told me to do three things. Listen. "You have to listen to them," said Andrew,...

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