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Awaiting Adoption: Like other teens, Yadi just needs a family to take action

January 24, 2017

(Hannah Dunne) By Mark Fisk, MARE communications specialist If they were discussing adoption during a roundtable forum, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton would have no edge on Yajaira, or Yadi as she's known. This inquisitive, insightful and sagacious 13-year-old sums up the foster care conundrum as well as the most brilliant brainiacs could. "Something that I want people to know," says Yadi, "is that there are a lot of people -- as in teenagers -- who need families, and there's a lot more teenagers than babies who need families." And she just happens to be one of those teens who through no fault of her own has no family. Yadi not only wants to change that, but she hopes to make the world a better place. At...

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