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Calling Obama one of his ‘best parenting examples,’ dad offers child-rearing tips for the Trump era

January 20, 2017

It would seem that Richard Greenberg, creator of the parenting blog “Common Sense Dad,” is a pretty big fan of former President Barack Obama. In his Friday entry, Greenberg sounds pretty down about “saying farewell to President Obama” after eight years — and pays him some big props, calling him “one of the best parenting examples I could have ever wanted.” He then turns his attention to Obama’s successor: “I, like many others am dealing with the inauguration of President Trump.” What might come next doesn’t look too promising, although he appears to offer Trump the benefit of the doubt soon after — if not in a backhanded fashion. “I am optimistic that the enormous responsibility the new President assumes will move his mind to important issues,” Greenberg added, “and that he will consider the well-being of our nation in all the decisions he makes.” What he means by “move his mind to more important issues” is...

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