Class teaches co-parenting skills

February 17, 2017

By Stacy M. Brown, For the Pocono Record For couples going through divorce, hostility, anger and the desire to fight over any and everything is often present. For children, it can be worse. In Monroe County, a Co-Parent Education Program that's mandated by the court in all divorce cases where children are involved. Officials hope to make the transition from married to single a little less confrontational. "The mission is to help parents to understand what their children will go through during the custody process. It's to help parents make good decisions," said Monroe County Court Administrator Renee Danser. A similar program called "Kids First" is run out of the Pike County Court House and presented by Dr. Chet Muklewicz, a state licensed psychologist. Social worker Marilyn Davenport has run the Monroe County program since the 1990s. She also administers co-parenting classes in several other jurisdictions, Danser said. It's Davenport's job to help individuals see themselves and the other parent in a different light so that they can transact the business of making decisions that meet the needs of children, rather than focusing on their own needs. While Davenport did not respond to several requests for comments, she did tell the Pocono Record in a previous interview that seeing yourself and the other parent as the 'ex-husband' or the ex-wife' has negative connotations. "These words are based on what went...

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