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Debbie Reynolds and parent grief: A narrative of love

January 1, 2017

Charlie and Lexi. (Courtesy of the author) It feels a lot like crumbling. A torrential wave of pain and grief filling every atom of your body. Denial that this could be reality, and piercing agony when you realize it is. Few have to experience this, and for that I am grateful. But for those of us who face the death of a child, the breath leaving their lungs while ours still inhale and exhale, we know this agony. When Debbie Reynolds, mother of the recently deceased actress Carrie Fisher, died just a day after her daughter, the world was shocked. Many said she died of a broken heart. Within the community of bereaved parents, there was a profound sense of understanding. Parenthood is a sacred work of love. From the moment we learn of our child, just growing as a tiny speck, to the moment we hear their heartbeat, to the moment they are placed in our arms and we look into their eyes, and to every moment we are given after, we are filled with one of the most profound loves known to man. It’s a love that sacrifices, that places their needs before all of our own, that pours itself out, that would brave every bit of danger if it meant protecting them. Lexi and her older son, Lincoln, now almost 4 years old. (Courtesy of the author) I felt this love when I first became a parent four years ago, and it entirely transformed my life. When I became pregnant with my second child, this love washed over me again. I thought I had experienced all the love my heart...

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