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DHS starts new program to speed up adoption process

December 14, 2016

You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content. Please click here to continue. OKLAHOMA CITY - There are thousands of children in DHS custody who are waiting for a family, but state officials are working to make the process of finding a permanent home faster for those children. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services is starting a new unit they said will help speed up the adoption process, but not everyone is on board with it. One mom just adopted a teenager from DHS with another adoption less than a month away. She said it was a fairly easy process that happened in a matter of four months. "Really, our main thing was finding children. As far as the legal part, it went really smoothly once we met with the judge and chose a date,” said Barb Yeary, new adoptive mother. That's because her son was a considered legally free. Parental rights were terminated, and a family already wanted to adopt him. There are more than a 1,000 children in Oklahoma with the same situation, and DHS is hoping to make it an even faster process for those children with free legal counsel. "What we're hoping for is that these attorneys will be specifically trained and educated and experienced enough to know when something looks like it's going to be a problem taking care of it," said Ronald Baze, general counsel for DHS. Scott Raybern is the first lawyer in the...

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