Ex-advisor in Brussels: Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption Slow But Unstoppable

January 3, 2017

In a chat with Cointelegraph, Matthias Klees, a founding member of LocalCrypto and a former advisor in Brussels, revealed that LocalCrypto’s recently released platform is the first step in advancing real-world cryptocurrency adoption. The group is geared towards a sophisticated geolocation system, teamed up with high-end search-engine connectivity. Their focus is on fostering and establishing a local cryptocurrency economy, like your local grocery store. Klees says: "You can list your cryptocurrency accepting business or announce to exchange Bitcoin or altcoins in the old fashioned way for people who don't like to engage in online trading for free. This will provide the ability to find out about the businesses and the crypto community around you. You can get in touch with customers and find crypto accepting shops/services and like-minded people in your region. We’d like to make it easy for everybody to know who is around and who to engage with." The mindset for cryptocurrency mass adoption To differentiate from other organizations currently promoting cryptocurrency...

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