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Hope Adoption Conference Lifts Up Importance of Caring for Orphans Through Powerful Personal Stories

October 24, 2016

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa -- "Every single life has meaning and has purpose and a lot of the times children who are given up for adoption in orphanages can be discounted and just kind of left to be by themselves like I was, but you know, me, where I am now, I’m 22 and I have kind of developed this career of playing music. Nobody would have guessed that a dying armless kid from Romania would be here today," said nationally known speaker George Dennehy.

Dennehy knows that to be true because that`s what happened to him.

I was adopted when I was two years old. I was born in Romania and I was born without arms. I was given up for adoption, given up to an orphanage where it was kind of a bad situation," said Dennehy. But adoption gave Dennehy a second chance at life, and he learned to overcome the challenges he faced and struggled with, both physical and emotional, and even learned to play music with his feet. "And now it`s my mission and life goal to share that message of hope.

That message of hope that even the most challenging of circumstances can have a positive outcome is one familiar to Adoptive Mother Amber Dyer and Biological Mother Amara Pope. The two women were able to find each other and turn to open adoption as an answer to a difficult life situation.

I found out I was pregnant pretty early on in my life and my parents actually heard of Lutheran Family Service and that`s how I got connected through them, and I was speaking with a counselor and we talked about my options, whether parenting or adoption and adoption was the over-weighing option," said Amara Pope
That`s one thing that we were wanting for our daughter is that she would always have that identity of where she came from, who she looks like, why did her birth mom decide to make an adoption plan," said Adoptive Mother Amber Dyer

And because of that plan, three and a half-year-old Marla has lots of support.

And that`s the goal of Hope Adoption Conference 2016, to encourage people to consider adoption, and to spread the word about the need that`s out there, in a hurting world.

There are just millions of children who are in need of families and are in need of families that are gonna bring them into their home and to help nurture them and help them grow and the need is there, whether it be foster care need, or infants that are available for adoption, or children who are in orphanages overseas," said Kimberly Laube, Director of Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption at Lutheran Family Service

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