Slow cooker

I’m A Mom Who Hates Her Crock-Pot

January 13, 2017

Last year, my husband overheard a friend excitedly telling me about her favorite slow cooker recipes, to which I replied, “I should try that.” In response, he bought me a Crock-Pot for the holidays, which he thought I would love. The Crock-Pot remained unopened in its giant box in a corner of our kitchen until last month, when my husband finally opened it himself and cooked up a hearty stew. Now he loves the Crock-Pot. But I hate it. Before all of you enthusiasts start falling over yourselves with shock, thinking I can’t possibly know the joys of a slow cooker without having used one or without having tried your super-easy and delicious recipes or without having tasted your slow-cooked balsamic chicken, just stop it right now. I know your chicken “literally falls off the bone” but I hate the Crock-Pot, OK? And here’s why: It makes me feel lazy: The more I hear about how simple it is to cook a...

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