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'Is he yours?' and other things people ask about adoption

November 9, 2016

Erin Stewart and her son. Erin Stewart (courtesy) People ask a lot of questions when your child doesn’t exactly look like you. Some people look at my blond-haired, blue-eyed daughters and then at my darker-skinned, black-haired son and say things like, “Oh, my, he has a lot of dark hair, doesn’t he?” Then, they wait for me to clarify or explain how this little pop of color came to be part of my family. Some people are a little less subtle and just come out and ask, “Does your husband have dark skin?” or “Is he adopted?” I’m constantly amazed by the depth of questions people will ask a stranger while waiting in the fro-yo toppings line. When we first brought our son home, I was so surprised by these questions that I felt the need to offer up an explanation to these well-meaning strangers. For some reason, I felt like I owed them the details, and so I found myself often telling them that my son is adopted, or I’d explain that his birth parents are of Mexican descent. But recently, a lady asked a new form of the question that stopped me in my tracks. She told me how adorable...

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