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Miss Manners: How can I offer parenting tips to strangers so they’ll be receptive?

December 15, 2016

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I was eating a meal in a local mom-and-pop restaurant when I noticed a man feeding a baby from a bottle. Also at the table were three older boys and a woman, who I took to be the man’s older sons and wife. Judith Martin, known as Miss Manners. It was obvious to me, as a nurse and a mother, that the man did not know how to properly burp the baby. None of the other people at the table said anything to him about this. I wanted to go up to the table and explain how you properly burp a baby, but I did not, for fear of rejection. Should I have done so? Can you please tell me what kinds of words I should have used to politely approach this issue to ensure the man’s and family’s cooperation? GENTLE READER: Since the answer to your first question is “no,” Miss Manners will excuse herself from finding a polite approach for...

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