New book by Colorado Springs author celebrates adoption

November 14, 2016

Caption +New York Yankees power batter Babe Ruth is seen in 1923. (AP Photo) Paul Batura set out to write a book that would be a gift to his three sons, that celebrated their adoptions and reminded everyone that the path to greatness is not charted solely by genetics. "As people of faith, we believe that God has his hand on our lives and selected a birth mom, selected an adoptive family, to have him grow up here in Colorado Springs in the community and the church that he's in," Batura said. "I wanted to celebrate everyone who came together to make this possible." Batura's new book, "Chosen for Greatness: How Adoption Changes the World," includes profiles of 16 influential figures along with stories highlighting how adoption played a critical role in their - and possibly our own - trajectories. "I think the overarching, unifying theme is that they all succeeded in what they did - not in spite of being adopted but because of it," Batura said. "You may not feel like your life has been impacted by adoption, but when you look at those individuals who were adopted, you realize you have been impacted by them and the things they did." Batura and his wife, Julie, adopted their sons - ages 11, 6 and 4 - at birth, and the oldest is beginning to comprehend how that fact sets him apart from most of his peers in a seemingly fundamental way. "Being adopted puts him in a little different demographic, and I wanted to make sure he didn't feel at all inferior or like a second-class citizen," said Batura, a former journalist and vice president of communications at Focus on the Family, who penned the book's foreword and closing chapter, on the "ultimate adoption story" of Jesus Christ. November is National Adoption Month, so the publication date...

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