International adoption,United States

New film exploring international adoption to screen in Summit

In "The Hanji Box," adopted daughter Rose (Natalie Kim) treasures a memento she believes is a gift from her Korean birth mother. Her adopted mother Hannah (Suzanne C. Dudley) says she's wrong. In "The Hanji Box," an American woman seeks to repair her relationship with the child she adopted from Korea almost 20 years earlier. She sees her daughter as American as she is. Why does the girl seem to need more? The mother's efforts to understand her daughter's birth culture, and her desire for that culture to adopt her as well, make for a multi-faceted story of love, loss and connection. "It's almost an adoption story in reverse," said writer/director Nora Jacobson, who also wrote and directed "Delivered Vacant," a film about gentrification in Hoboken. "There's not a big climax of understanding per se. This is a journey." Currently playing the festival circuit in the U.S. and abroad, the 61-minute film comes to MONDO Summit Dec. 9. After the viewing, Jacobson and cast members will take questions from the audience. The programming is sponsored by the Film Society of Summit. The title refers to a box decorated with hanji paper, made from the inner bark of mulberry trees, which are common in Korea. The strong, fibrous paper is strong and shiny, reported to last hundreds of years. The boxes are used to hold jewelry and other treasures. In...

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