Parenting: 5 electoral parenting lessons

November 7, 2016

Election Day is almost here. While it has frazzled our nerves and stressed our sensibilities, it has also provided parents of all political persuasions with many a teaching moment. Based on my experience this election season, here are five lessons that can benefit us all: Friends can disagree, and that’s OK. You can still be friends. If your friend likes one candidate and you like the other, but you still both love to play Minecraft together and bake cookies and she’s such a good listener, the politics don’t matter. You can each keep your half of the BFF heart necklace. Play fair. Stealing money from the Monopoly bank or moving your Sorry piece ahead when no one is looking will get you a time out. Because Mom has eyes in the back of her head. And even if she doesn’t catch you, karma will. So leave those political signs alone! (Talking to both sides here). Honesty is the...

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