Parenting an all-too vital job

November 19, 2016

Parenting. What an odd topic for a column for folks whose personal parenting days are past. I say personal; I made more than my share of parental mistakes with my young family. I was too busy being a “success” to notice trouble brewing. But this is not about me and mine. I know at least a half-dozen grandparents who are taking care of grandkids while their parents “succeed,” buying big cars and bigger houses. I started to say homes, but houses are more accurate. Grandparents can fill a gap but are not really substitutes for real parents. The children should be more important than things. As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, I learn something new every day. Yesterday I discovered that there are people who function as campus monitors. They roam the campuses during school hours looking for kids cutting classes – and finding them. Kids who believe they are grown up at 15, 16 and 17. Disrespectful. The Fairfield-Suisun Adult School has an outstanding program for young parents. I think it is called Parenting 1-2-3. It...

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