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Parenting: Even teens know this universal truth about grandparents

January 9, 2017

Apparently there’s one person in the whole world who can tell a teenager something he doesn’t know. A grandma. Redecorating my 14-year-old’s bedroom has been a priority since before he started high school this fall. With higher level classes on his agenda, my husband and I knew he would need a better space to study, let alone want to shed the environment he’s been sleeping and playing in since he was a little boy. Holiday break, it was finally time. After a New Year’s Day visit with his aunt and uncle in Tampa, we stopped by Ikea to pick up the furniture Logan had been eyeing since summer. The next day, we picked out paints, slathered them on his dark blue walls and compared notes. Within hours, his room was empty and the two of us were painting side by side. And when his little sister asked to join in, he even let her help — begrudgingly, but he let her. “Did you let Grandma know (that we were painting)?” Logan asked me. “No, I forgot. Do you want me to call her?” I asked. “Yeah,” he replied. “She knows what to do.” (I might have made that last...

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