'Parenting Partners' graduates learn positive parenting skills

October 28, 2016


Resolution Counseling Services collaborated with the Calcasieu Parish School Board for the first Parenting Partners graduation Tuesday night.

It's a program geared towards teaching parents how to use practical solutions and avoiding the pitfalls and parenting traps.

It's been very beneficial and I've noticed a response in my boys as well, it smooths out the chaos, we communicate better and we get things done quicker," said Lacy Vincent. a graduating parent

Families completed an eight-week course where they learned about positive parenting skills to use at home with their kids. The course was a chance for families to learn about positivity, respect, and responsibility.

This is just a learning opportunity it was an open environment, I got to come in and sit down with other parents going through similar problems," said Vincent

Tawana Smith, clinical director of Resolutions Counseling Services, said the program is another way for parents to connect with their kids.

Often we get busy and we can miss some things, so this program helps parents to stop and focus - even if it's 30 minutes just focusing on the kid, finding out what's going on in their world, keeping them talking to you, because that's what you want, ideally - for a parent and kid bond," said Smith

If you're interested in joining the Parenting Partners Program, call Resolutions Counseling Services at 337-429-5129.

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