Parenting With Purpose: Resolve to Stay Calm

January 19, 2017

As a devoted reader of Loudoun Now from the beginning, I am thrilled to be able to contribute a monthly column on parenting and relationships. In the spirit of New Year, I am asking you to consider Calm Leadership as a worthy resolution. Before I had kids, I was the calmest, most laid-back person you could imagine. I was an elementary school counselor and was unflappable. I could handle any issue, emergency, or crisis with complete calm. So, when I told my fellow teachers that my wife was expecting, the universal response was: “Oh, you are going to be a great dad.” And then I made my first parenting mistake. I believed them. Of course, I would be a good dad, I assumed. I’m knowledgeable about kids and cool under pressure. What I didn’t know was the fact that it is a completely different situation when the kids are your own. Facing my temper came quickly, as Max seemed to have a mind of his own when it came to the simple issue of swaddling him. Every time I tried to wrap him...

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