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Parents and parenting influence childhood cognition – but public policy can help

November 17, 2016

Credit: MIKI Yoshihito "We looked at the effects of parental characteristics on the cognition of children in the U.S. and Great Britain," says Toby Parcel, a professor of sociology at NC State and corresponding author of a paper on the study. "Basically, we wanted to see whether the welfare state in Great Britain gave its children an advantage. "Our earlier work looked at children's home environments and behavioral problems across the two countries, and we found that parents were equally important in both places," Parcel says. "In this study we looked at three things: pre-reading skills and scores of reading and mathematics achievement." For this study, the researchers analyzed two sets of data: a representative sample of 3,439 children between the ages of 5 and 13 in the U.S.; and a representative sample of 1,309 children in Great Britain across the same age range. "We were able to do...

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