Private adoption a slow and expensive process

November 8, 2016

Raising a family is a goal for many couples, but for some, having children of their own just isn't possible. Last year, the Department of Family and Child Services finalized almost 850 adoptions across the state, but many families turn to private agencies to start their family. Joe and Kristen Money married young, knowing when they started out that their journey to having children would take a less-traveled path. “Once we found out that we couldn’t have our own biological children, that was really our option, to go with adoption,” Joe Money said. “We've been married for 8 years and we decided now is the time, finally,” Kristen Money said. The adoption process takes time, up to several years. “It could happen as soon as this interview is finished or it could happen a year or two. We just talked to somebody and they've waited for three years, so it’s a waiting game,” Kristen Money said. It's expensive to play -- the private adoption process can cost more than a year of college tuition at a public university. “It’s around $25,000 for us, and that’s with home study fees, that’s...

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