Columbia University,Norwalk, Connecticut

Pulse: Team from Columbia in Norwalk to study parenting

January 24, 2017

NORWALK — A team of researchers from Columbia University has moved into Norwalk and is seeking help from the community. The group from Columbia University Medical Center’s Nurture Science Program in the Department of Pediatrics is partnering with the Norwalk Housing Authority to conduct a study of mothers and their children in order to test two interventions they believe could help parents connect better with their children. Mary Ann Austin, a nurture specialist in the Nurture Science Program in the Department of Pediatrics at Columbia University, said the premise for the study is simple and based on a theory of returning to the basics of parenting. “I think the first thing is the relativity of what’s happening in the world,” Austin said. “We’ve moved away from the tribe mentality, but people weren’t always by themselves. So this is kind of going back to the basics and testing that on parents today as people are turning more inward than out to the community for help. We can’t turn back time and technology, but we feel nurturing and time spent playing is worth exploring.” The team is currently seeking eligible participants — mothers with children aged 2.5 to 4.5 years old in the greater...

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