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Simplicity Parenting Creator: 'Don't Read Parenting Books'

November 23, 2016

There are plenty of parenting books out there. Each touts its own tips and tricks, "secrets" to raising the most well-rounded, best-behaved children. What if we told you, there is no one secret? That's exactly the message author and educator Kim John Payne wants to spread to parents. Payne -- the bestselling author of books like "The Soul of Discipline" -- has traveled the country preaching his "simplicity parenting" approach, a method of...well, no methods. It's an approach to life that promotes play and creativity, and letting kids be kids, rather than implementing strict rules or following a parenting "playbook." Payne first encountered what he calls the "highly stressed kid" working in refugee camps in southeast Asia. He was shocked when he moved to the West, and saw kids with similar issues through his counseling practice. "These kids looked jumpy, hyper-vigilant, over-controlling...they looked just the same as the kids in the refugee camps where I [had been] working, only there was nothing in their lives that suggested trauma," Payne recalls. "That was a puzzle." That experience set Payne on a course for the rest of his work over the past 30 years: identifying the stresses that impact modern kids, and the...

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