Sweating through my first year of parenting

January 11, 2017

Special to espnW.com Getty Images In my first spin class, with the lights flicked off and the music pulsing in my grip, I felt alive, existent in my body, in a way I hadn't in the five months I'd been pregnant thus far. In the dark studio, even though my stomach was the size of a bowling ball, I felt like myself again. After my son was born, I had never felt more unprepared, imprisoned or isolated by my emotions and newfound worry. At five weeks postpartum, with a misaligned pelvis from delivering an almost 10-pound newborn, I recommitted to finding my strength. I went to the gym to try to regain my footing, to find solid ground back at home as a new parent. I'd hoped strength of body would yield strength of mind. My end goal in working out wasn't fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans (though that was a perk), but finding out who I was now that I was my son's 24/7 diaper-changer, bather, entertainer, nurse and partial food source. I began with mommy-and-me yoga and Stroller Strides and graduated to barre and spin class. A few weeks passed before I could do a situp without pelvic or back pain, and a few months later I had better control of my body than before I was pregnant. Parenting: Raising a Packers fan in a Giants world "The first year of parenting is physical," a fellow mom said. "It's a lot of carrying, holding and feeding." She said athleticism would help me tote around the infant car seat, which would grow heavier each month as my son packed on pounds....

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