The Guncles’ Bill Horn and Scout Masterson’s Blog: The Ups and Downs of Our Son Bosley’s (2-Year) Open Adoption

December 7, 2016

Pinterest Chis Applebaum Please welcome our newest celebrity blogger, Bill Horn! One half of Tori Spelling‘s “Guncles” alongside husband Scout Masterson, Horn is a publicist who appeared with Masterson in the reality series Extreme Guide to Parenting. The twosome also made regular cameos on Spelling’s show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Horn, 44, and casting associate Masterson, 42, were married in 2013. They are parents to son Bosley Jo, 2, and daughter Simone Lynne, 6. You can find Horn on Instagram and Twitter @TheBillHorn. After two-plus years of riding on an adoption roller coaster, we’d like to share with you why we’ve been silent about the adoption of our son, Bosley Jo. Fast forward to the happy ending — on Nov. 9 in an L.A.-area Children’s Courtroom, we finalized our adoption of Bosley. What should have taken six months took two-plus years filled with court dates, lawyer bills and more than a few tears. In early 2014, we were just gearing up to start the process for our second open adoption. Not only did we feel we had more room in our home and our hearts for a second child, but as two only children, we felt that it was important for Simone to have a sibling. Our search was remarkably and uncharacteristically short. A birth mom from Wisconsin, who was familiar with our family, reached out about the possibilities of us adopting her unborn son. After numerous calls and a visit to see her, we really felt connected. With the help of our adoption agency, we mutually decided to move forward with the adoption. Not only is Bosley’s birth mom a kind and warm person, but all the signs said that this adoption was meant to be. As fate would have it, Bosley would be born in the same town that our dear friend JoAnn (a.k.a. JoJo) had lived. JoJo had always said that she knew we’d have more kids, and that we’d have a girl and a boy. Sadly, when Simone was 2, JoJo became terminally ill and lost her life from a rare brain cancer. Bosley would be born in the same hospital that JoJo had frequented as she battled cancer, before dying at only the age of 39. Bosley’s middle name, “Jo,” honors JoJo. From day one, we knew that Bosley’s birth dad had been in a long-term relationship with the birth mom and that the relationship had ended after months (if not years) of his outbursts and vices. One day, she’d just had enough. The breakup sent him into a spiral that landed him in jail. (We later found out this was not his first brush with the law.) Over the next few months, we heard from both our birth mother and adoption counselor that, from jail, the birth father was supportive of any decision that was made regarding Bosley being adopted. On Aug. 29, 2014, we received word that our birth mom had gone into labor two weeks early. We quickly...

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