The Two Faces Of Parenting

December 6, 2016

The public and private faces of parenting are often at odds. And even among other parents - those who likely know just what you’re going through - our masks usually remain firmly in place. A hellacious night punctuated by crying fits apparently timed to erupt just when you’ve fallen back asleep is benignly transformed, in its public telling, into... “kind of a hard night“, and is quickly followed by anodyne reflection on how it will get better, how everything passes, how they’re still your little angels. Or maybe you do share that story in full. But you don’t share that you screamed so loudly the other day that you were rolling in shame and regret for hours afterwards. Or that in a moment of weakness you resorted to one of your own parent’s signature admonishments that used to fill you with the same resentment you now see flashing across your child’s...

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