Thoughtful Parenting: Allow children to solve their own problems

January 8, 2017

Buy a print of this As parents, we all want what is best for our children. Whether it is the best education, best friends, best soccer gear, best outfit, we want them to feel good, to feel like they are special. Yet, we are not allowing them to ever feel bad. We are quick to intervene if they have a teacher they do not like or problems with friends at school, always ensuring that they feel good. This weekly column about parenting issues is written by area youth-serving professionals. It publishes on Mondays in the Steamboat Today. Read more columns here. Consequently, as the fix-it parent, we send the message that they cannot handle the challenges in front of them. They never get to know what it feels like to succeed. They have never had to experience the dark depths of hardship and to know the euphoric feeling of overcoming and solving their own problems. So what are we to do? We let them fail, and hopefully, we let them fail as much as they possibly can before they reach 18. So, by the time they are out of your house, they know what it feels like...

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