Three Parenting Resolutions For The New Year

December 30, 2016

It’s that time of year again. We look back at our failures and max-out what little credit is left after a season of overspending on gifts. Go ahead: join that gym, start practicing yoga, buy local and organic. Now’s the time to spend on self-improvement. Personally, I think New Year’s resolutions are nonsense. They do more harm than good. Does anyone actually keep them? I don’t. Like most people, I am not very good at being honest with myself. It works fine for few days—a couple of weeks if I’m lucky. But once 2017 really gets going, I’ll start believing my own excuses. Soon, it’s right back to old habits. The whole cycle is painfully demoralizing. I prefer to make parenting resolutions. It is easier to dictate what other people should do; especially when those other people are your kids. Moreover, when it fails, I can conveniently forget that...

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