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Top 5 Reasons to Assess Your Cloud Adoption Maturity in 2017

January 27, 2017

As highlighted in IDC’s recent CloudView Survey post, almost 78% of organizations use some form of cloud today, yet only 3% of the companies IDC surveyed have optimized cloud strategies in place. The most mature cloud organizations are defined by their use of DevOps, hybrid and multi-provider clouds, micro-services, and containers, and they consume cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) and security applications. In fact, greater cloud maturity leads to millions of dollars in annual benefits per cloud-based application. ($3M in additional revenue and $1M reduced costs.) So, how can you get in on this action? Here are five reasons to assess your own organization’s Cloud Maturity: #5. Ignore Individual point-products from Vendors, Think Holistically This seems counter-intuitive but, in reality, cloud technologies and the pace of innovation are growing exponentially. What worked well last year is often replaced by numerous mini improvements made by others running production workloads. The ability to start small, fail fast, learn and iterate is key. Managing application and infrastructure scalability issues are typically not the domain of any one individual person, product or vendor. The entire system needs to be architected for efficiency so, start from the ground up and think big. #4. “Do… or Do Not! There is no try.” Brilliant advice from a 900 year old, Jedi master who didn’t write a single line of code in a galaxy far, far away. Thousands of hungry startups are eating your IT lunch (from a food truck) and disrupting the status-quo with dreams of creating the next big, must-have app. Their “Go Do” attitude is unfettered by...

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