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U.S. Windows 10 Adoption Rate at 71 Percent on Gaming PCs and Tablets

December 28, 2016

In a short period of one year, Microsoft Windows 10 install base on gaming PCs and tablets has gone up from 23% in August 2015 to 71% in August 2016. Where is that kind of Windows 10 adoption coming from? What is the motivation for gamers to move en masse to the new operating system? And what are the long-term implications for Microsoft’s Windows 10 adoption rates? Let’s look at some numbers and facts around these questions. According to information from Microsoft, 71% of all Windows-based gaming PCs and Tablets in the United States are already on Windows 10, with Windows 7 presence in the gaming world having dropped to just 21%. One of the biggest reasons for this massive switch over is, of course, the free Windows 10 upgrade offer that ended July 29, 2016 (It’s still free, in case you didn’t know!). But even in the month of August, Windows 10 adoption rates among gamers went up by a healthy 3%. August was a critical month because it showed how strong the uptake was even after the free upgrade period had expired. The fact that Windows 10 was geared towards an enhanced desktop experience, unlike Windows 8, is another major factor. Of all people, gamers know that a major OS upgrade will bring the necessarily performance improvements they crave. In the case of Windows 10, it was about additional features that didn’t affect framerates, an important consideration in gaming. Another major factor was bringing Xbox streaming to...

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