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Visibility, security top concerns for cloud computing adoption

November 10, 2016

Enterprises considering adopting public clouds are concerned about where their data is located and how it's protected, according to a new survey by IDG. Companies will have about 60 percent of their IT environment in public, private, or hybrid clouds, according to a survey of about 1,000 IT decision makers. Of those considering public cloud deployments, the top concerns were where data is stored, at 43 percent of respondents, and security, with 41 percent of respondents. And with all the high-profile hacks of well-known online brand names, it's no surprise. However, clouds are not necessarily less secure than on-premises deployments, said Rich Campagna, VP of Products at Campbell, Calif.-based Bitglass, Inc.. The company's research team is working on a cloud adoption report that examines cloud usage at more than 120,000 organizations, which will be released next week. "What many have started to realize is that cloud app vendors have invested massively in security and aren't suffering from the major hacks that some had predicted," he said. However, there are challenges in getting full visibility. For example, multi-tenant cloud environments can make...

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