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What’s Blocking Adoption Of More Fuel-Efficient Cars

February 13, 2017

As Donald Trump is now in office as America’s new president, it’s worth reminding the world that if his administration does indeed roll back regulations supporting clean vehicle technology, that does not mean that the progress will halt completely. The rate of improvement is what matters the most. There’s a way to balance clean energy with the needs of consumers, automakers and governments. The automotive industry has made progress towards a cleaner, more energy-efficient world. In the last decade alone, suppliers, manufacturers, government regulators and consumers have cooperated in unprecedented ways to ensure the vehicles we drive every day are cleaner and more efficient. One example is agreement on long-term fuel economy standards that provides the industry time to plan, make long-term business decisions and gives consumers a wide variety of vehicles that are increasingly more fuel-efficient. We should all work to continually build on this momentum. In order to make the biggest positive impact...

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