10 Cake Tips to Bring Baking from Box to Amazing

December 18, 2016
in Kids

I like baking, but often don’t have the time… so I *love* using boxed cakes. Just like our favorite kitchen gadgets, they do all the work. All I need to do is dump and add a couple of other ingredients and viola. Cake. Here are some cake tips of simple things that you can do to make your boxed cake taste like it came from the fancy-schmansy corner bakery. Baking Hacks 1) Add an extra egg. Adding an extra egg to your cake mix will make your cake slightly more dense, more moist and less likely to crumble. Tasty. 2) Substitute any oil required with butter. Real butter makes your cake SO moist!! Check out the recipe – 1 Batter, 10 Cupcakes. Real butter is the seccret!! 3) Create a Non-stick surface so cleaning pans is easier. After greasing your cake pan, dust it lightly with flour. Cleaning your cake pan will be a lot easier! 4) If you are looking for healthy fats, or for less fat, consider replacing the oil in your recipe with either applesauce or a mashed avocado. You now have a healthier cake. 5) Add 1/2 cup of Angel...

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