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10 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

February 2, 2017
in Kids

These kitchen cleaning hacks are hopefully going to make your cleaning time just a little shorter. We all need to do a deep cleaning now and then, but adding in a cleaning hack is a fun way to make it a little more fun! Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen This post contains affiliate/distributor links that support Kids Activities Blog. 1- Lets start with something as simple as a cutting board. If you have a wooden cutting board, you can clean it up with a lemon! Just slice a lemon in half and set it aside. Pour a lot of salt onto your cutting board and now use the lemon just like it is a washcloth- scrub your cutting board using the lemon. Lastly, scrape off all of the salt and lemon. Rinse it with water. 2- If you have food caked on the microwave (food tends to explode in the microwave, doesn’t it?), you can remove it easily with just three ingredients: water, lemon essential oil, sponge. The best part is that it is all-natural! Place a wet sponge inside of your microwave, spray the inside with water mixed with essential oils and microwave for two minutes. Once the sponge is no longer hot, use...

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