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12 Powerful Stories From Parents Who Are #WithHer Because Of Their Kids

November 8, 2016
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On Tuesday, Americans will cast their vote for the next president of the United States. For those casting their vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump, their kids are one of the most important reasons they’re #WithHer. The Huffington Post has gathered some of the most powerful posts from parents in a secret Facebook group for Clinton supporters and reprinted them below. Some of their kids are biracial. Some have disabilities. Some are gender nonconforming. All of these are qualities that Trump ― based on his comments about people of color, people with disabilities and people part of the LGBTQ community ― does not respect. That’s why these parents are voting for Clinton. Here are 12 parents explaining why they’re #WithHer. 1. For my daughter, who is gender nonconforming Michelle Vallet This kid, my gender nonconforming daughter. The girl I’ve watched adults shoo out of the bathroom with a: “The boy’s restroom is over there.” The kid I’ve watched sometimes lower her head so she won’t see a person’s mouth drop open when she answers their question about whether she’s a boy or a girl with “I’m a girl.” This kid who’s asked that question in the first place from strangers who can’t comprehend that what they’re really doing is staking a kind of silent claim on the body of a 10-year-old. This kid who sometimes holds it because she’d rather not go to the bathroom. “No, I don’t have to go,” she sometimes answers, and I can hear the fatigue in her voice, the anxiety building even when she understands I’ll address any problems she encounters. Because, on some small level, me stepping in just means she loses one more thing: her own agency, her own voice. This girl who knows she shops the boy’s aisle while longing for there to be no reason for a label at all. “Why can’t this all just be the kids’ department?” This kid who has more worry on her shoulders, more anxiety, because she knows there are people who will never understand her even when there’s really nothing to understand. This kid who has faced more ignorance and hostility than I think my heart can bear sometimes. Being her mother has forced me to realize both how much I’ve taken for granted and how little I’ve ever pushed back. The ways in which I looked for spaces I fit into instead of creating my own. How often I shuffled off parts of myself so the path of least resistance would open up before me. What a coward I have sometimes been, and how privileged I am to be a witness to such courage. I’m with her for many reasons, most of which are reflected in that little girl’s face. A face of integrity and strength, of a person who doesn’t back down, can withstand the cruelty, ignorance and intolerance of others while remaining true to herself. There hasn’t been a day in my daughter’s life she hasn’t been exactly who she is, and I’m with her to build a world where that isn’t so hard. ― Michelle Vallet‎...

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