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20 Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids They will Love

January 9, 2017
in Kids

The kids and I are always looking at cool bedroom ideas and saving them away for a “someday.” I really do have good intentions to follow through one day. Really! I do! We also love to find ideas for cheap bedroom storage ideas to wrangle all the toys and clothing. 20 Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids Cool Bedroom Ideas for Shared Rooms Many families have children that share bedrooms. My youngest two children share a room and it can be a struggle sometimes, but here are some great ideas to make a shared room awesome! Download and print these free bunk bed plans for triple bunk beds. This is great for 2 or 3 children sharing a room. Would make a nice place for friends sleeping over to rest their heads. This Paris themed room makeover would make any young girl happy! I just love the color combo! This shared Little Mermaid bedroom makeover from Faithfully Free has the best colors! We decided to go with Platform style beds for our girls shared room. Here is an easy DIY Platform Bed with Plans from Shanty 2 Chic. Cool Bedroom Ideas for Boys I love these cool bedroom ideas for boys! Don’t get me wrong, these...

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