25 Genius Ways to Organize Toys

December 15, 2016
in Kids

At Kids Activities Blog, we know how messy kids can get. Add a lot of toys to the mix, and your house can quickly become overrun with kid stuff. Luckily, moms are clever and have found all sorts of genius ways to manage the chaos. We’ve found even more toy organization ideas that we think you’re going to love. Small Toy Organization Ideas Store small toys inside larger ones to save a ton of space in the playroom. Keep card games organized in a travel soap box. Repurpose baby wipes containers to hold your child’s crayons, magnets, Legos, toy soldiers and more. They’re so handy. Cornstarch canisters look just like Lego heads. Check out these DIY Lego cans! Speaking of Legos, do you have thousands of them like we do? Here are 37 genius ideas for organizing Legos. These tips will save your sanity. And this Lego storage mat provides a convenient place to play combined with a quick pick-up method. It’s a winner! Dress up fabric boxes with stencils and paint to match the theme of the room. Tips for Organizing Your Kids’ Toys Puzzle pieces are always getting lost in our house. Put them...

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