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30 Baby Food Recipes – That are Tasty!

December 31, 2016
in Kids

Here are some baby food recipes and tricks that will make transitioning to from baby food to table food MUCH easier and tastier! I wish I had found these resources a couple of years ago. We love hacks to make snacks easier and kitchen tips. Homemade baby food can take awhile to prepare, or can be monotonous as you stick to the same couple of ideas. Got a fork? You can mash your child’s food. Here are 30 Baby Foods you can mash for your child to eat. Easy. Peasy. What a fun routine “ eat with your baby. Make a baby food smoothie when you make your own morning power drink. Carrots. I am told that was my favorite food when I was a baby, and my kids all really, really loved carrots too! Make a big batch of baby food to freeze ahead for use as needed. DIY and reuse “ you can fill old pouches with new baby food using this nifty trick “ get a clean (preferably unused for illness) aspirator. Use it to squeeze food into the pouch. Baby Food Recipes Genius! This list is a terrific resource: All the baby foods that you can make with a fork, including cantelope, avocado, pears and more. Dessert on a spoon! This sugar-free recipe is super sweet and tasty. Mix pears and figs with a pinch of parsnip. Once your child is able to eat soft foods try these veggie gummies. They are perfect baby finger food for kids who aren't ready to eat a carrot but could still benefit from the nutritional goodness. Kale is a superfood, but is often hard to eat by itself. Add potato and greenbeans to make this a nutrient-dense food for your daughter. Is your tot teething? These homemade teething biscuits...

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