30 Crazy Good Puppy Chow Recipes

January 6, 2017
by Liz
in Kids

Anytime we are looking to make a sweet treat at home, puppy chow is one of the first things we come up with. Whether you call it that, or muddy buddies, there is no denying that this is one of the best desserts ever! We have a huge list of new, fun recipes to try if you’re looking for something besides the traditional (albeit delicious) puppy chow. 30 Crazy Good Puppy Chow Recipes S’mores muddy buddies are delicious and way less mess than a real s’more. via Like Mother Like Daughter This sugar cookie puppy chow is one of my favorites and is so festive and fun that it would go great at a birthday party. via Deliciously Sprinkled If you’re an Oreo fan then this cookies and cream puppy chow is definitely for you! via Sweet As A Cookie If you’re crazy about Nutella like I am then you are going to love this recipe. via Belle of the Kitche Double up on the chocolate with this...

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