5 Tips for Photographing Toddlers

December 16, 2016
in Kids

There might be nothing harder in this world than photographing toddlers. Getting the perfect photograph is near impossible when they don’t want to sit still, they don’t want to smile, and their attention span is equivalent to a fly’s. This post contains affiliate links. Even as children get older it is still likely that they will dread the moment when they hear mom say “okay, time for pictures!”. It might be difficult to get done, but it is still so important for us to get photos of our families to cherish forever so here are some tips for photographing toddlers while they are in that not so cooperative stage. Tips for Photographing Toddlers Make sure you have good lighting. Typically the best lighting for photos is natural light whether that is outdoors or the sun streaming through your windows. If the area is not well lit the photograph will not turn...

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