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5 Ways your kids are hacking your parental controls

February 4, 2017
in Kids

No matter how hard you try, your child will find a way to hack around your parental guidance. Here’s a way you can try to stay one step ahead. GPS tracking Deactivating GPS tracker apps, like Find My Iphone, are almost too easy for most tech-savvy kids. All they have to do is go to their phone Settings and turn off their location services and wifi capability. And if you think that using a subscription based monitoring system is the solution, there’s a hack for that, too. Spy software guide explains, that snooping services like Mspy, are specific to the operating system on a given phone. That means a routine iOS (for apple devices) or firmware (for Android devices) update will scrub the spy software off your child’s phone. Cyber slang Kid’s aren’t exactly speaking another language, but there are some seemingly innocent looking emojis and acronyms that kids are using to disguise what they’re really saying. Fruits and vegetables of a certain shape (eggplants, cucumbers, bananas) refer to male anatomy. Plant emojis refer to marijuana. Stringing together different hand signals creates a not-so-innocent suggestion. If you see a string of emojis or acronyms that don't make sense, it probably means they just don't make sense to you. Self-destructing messages There’s nothing easier than hitting the good ol’ delete button to get rid of incriminating conversations. Sorry mom and dad, that method is old school. Teens are now turning to the more popular option:...

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