A pastor wanted to keep kids away from his church. So he threatened to shoot them, police say.

October 14, 2016
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A pastor in Indiana has been charged with felony intimidation after he told two children he would shoot them if they didn’t stay away from his church, police say.

The incident took place Monday evening, when police said a brother and sister were riding their bicycles past Calvary Baptist Church in New Castle, about 50 miles east of Indianapolis, the Star Press reported.

Bobby Slagle, a 69-year-old pastor at the church, raised his shirt so that the children could see a .38-caliber revolver tucked in his waistband, police said.

He reportedly “advised the kids that if they did not get off his property, he was going to shoot them,” according to the Associated Press.

It’s unclear how old the siblings were or who reported the incident to police, but according to the Star Press, an officer said one of the children was “upset and shaking” about what happened.

The New Castle Police Department did not return a call from The Washington Post.

[She beat her son with a hanger and said Indiana’s religious-freedom law gave her the right]

When police found Slagle at his home later, he told the authorities that he had been frustrated over recent acts of vandalism at his church and that “it was his right to tell the kids what he did,” according to Fox 59 News.

Slagle told police he had a permit to carry a gun and lifted his shirt to show officers his revolver, the Fox affiliate reported.

When police later tried to arrest him at the church, Slagle allegedly “tensed up,” the station reported. Police said they found four live rounds of ammunition in Slagle’s gun when he was taken into custody.

The pastor was charged with felony intimidation and misdemeanor resisting law enforcement, according to Henry County court records.

Records showed he was released from jail after posting bond and waived his right to an initial trial; not-guilty pleas were entered on his behalf.

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