Robbery,Lemonade stand

After robbery, kids' lemonade stand back in business with help from community

December 31, 2016
in Kids

TAMPA — Nine-year-old Lucas White didn't know what to say. When his mom approached his lemonade stand with a stranger holding a gift bag Friday, Lucas stood quietly as friends correctly guessed what was inside. Lucas got a new iPod Touch, just like the one that was stolen from him Wednesday when teenagers in a Lutz apartment complex pushed him to the ground and robbed the children's drink stand of all $13.53 in profits. The stranger, Scott Leckington, bought not only a new iPod, but $30 in iTunes gift cards. He gave Lucas' mother, who was recently laid off from her job, $150. And he gave $75 in Pizza Hut gift cards so Lucas could treat his fellow lemon-squeezers to a pizza party. Leckington delivered another pizza card and an iPod case donated by Pizza Hut and Best Buy. "I like it," Lucas said as he choked back tears. He threw his arms around Leckington and held on for a few minutes before he went to work putting the iPod in its case. He tried to hand Leckington a cup full of Friday's drink proceeds but the 44-year-old Brandon man wouldn't have it. Eventually Lucas came to accept the gift with a toothy smile, just like he did for waves of people that day who had traveled for as long as two hours to buy a $1 cup of lemonade or "lime-onade" in a parking lot at the Livingston apartments. The kids guessed they had made at least $100 but hadn't counted their profits yet. The lemonade stand heist had been reported in the Tampa Bay Times and on local television news programs. "When I saw the story,...

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