After Struggle to Have Kids, Parents Have Twins. A Photographer Captures Their Last Moments Together

January 14, 2017
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Lyndsay and Matthew Bretlinger had struggled for years to get pregnant. However, according to WKRC, that all changed when Lyndsay became pregnant and gave birth to twins on December 17, 2016. Sadly, only their daughter, Reagan, lived longer than 11 days. Her brother, William, passed away as a result of a heart defect. Yet, photographs taken by Ohio photographer, Lindsey Brown, show images of the Bretlinger's two healthy-looking babies, both with 10 fingers, 10 toes and perfectly round heads topped with little button noses. Lyndsay and Matthew knew of their son William's diagnosis months before he was born. In fact, as WKRC reports, it was a miracle that he lived even eleven days. Lyndsay tells WKRC that the left side of William's heart wasn't working properly: “With twins, you have frequent ultrasounds... they...

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