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Apple bans device owners from operating the Rich Kids app that swaggering socialites use to boast of their luxury lifestyles - and charges £1,000 a month to 'flush out the fakes from real milionaires'

November 7, 2016
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Apple has banned the Rich Kids app from all of its devices to stop swaggering socialites from using it to boast about their lifestyles. The app was created by Juraj Ivan and Michal Harustiak in October and members were charged just under £1,000 a month to post their photos exclusively. Mr Ivan and Mr Harustiak admitted they were inspired by the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ who showed off to the world their private jets, yachts in the Caribbean and the champagne-fuelled best parties. Apple has removed an app from all of its devices that was was created by Juraj Ivan and Michal Harustiak in October. Mysterious blonde Roxie Conrad Gaut (pictured), believed to be in her 20s, was one of the first 11 people to be invited to use the Rich Kids app free of charge Members of the Rich Kids App pay just under £1,000 a month to post their pictures. Pictured: Joey Bissell, who claims to invest in gold Ukraine-born Julia Stakhiva (pictured), 24, is another one of the Rich Kids members. Julia, pictured in a £180,000 Ferrari 488 in Chelsea, London, wants to be a reality TV star But after the Instagram blog was accused of broadcasting millionaire fakes, they pair decided to “flush out the fakes from the millionaires” with their app. Rubbishing suggestions the app is a PR stunt, Mr Ivan previously told MailOnline: 'I was surprised that there is no service or social network for Rich people that is not private. 'All of the social networks for the rich are closed to the eye of a random user. The App was inspired by a popular Instagram page of the same name. Pictured: Ukrainian food empire heiress Julia Stakhiva, 23, a member With 236,000 Instagram followers, Robert Cavalli (pictured), son of fashion icon Ricardo, is another...

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