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At camp, American expats' kids get better acquainted with US

February 7, 2017
in Kids

When her kids were younger, Marty Merkt would fly them across the world each year from their home in China as soon as school ended. They'd arrive in the U.S. and spend a day or two sleeping off their jet lag. Then they'd pile in the car and drive several hours to summer camp in northern Wisconsin. After 10 months amid skyscrapers in sprawling Shanghai, Merkt's children would plunge into a traditional American summer, hiking and camping and roasting marshmallows under the stars. Some of those same experiences can be had in China, of course. But many American parents who are raising kids abroad see summer camp as a vital tool in helping their expat offspring feel at home in their country of origin. Brief family vacations in the U.S. just don't connect children with American culture the way that a month of swimming and boat rowing and soccer playing with other American kids can. For some, it's literally an introduction to America. Melanie Horton's son was an American boy by passport, but was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan, while she worked as a teacher in Department of Defense schools. "This is basically home for him," she says of Japan. "This is what he knows."...

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