Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck says his kids, marriage helped set him straight

January 3, 2017
in Kids

Ben Affleck wants you to know he is more the doting father and aspiring super-hero than bad-boy. With a troubled past involving claims of excessive gambling, a stint in rehab, public breakups, and box-office bombs, Affleck told The Guardian he’s learned from his many mistakes, and attributes a lot of them to his early celebrity. “I’d always had a strong idea about my values and the direction I wanted to be headed in, then I ran into getting famous and it totally spun me around and I flailed around for a few years,” he told The Guardian. “When you’re a young man in your 20s, part of that is making mistakes and learning from them. I just made those in front of everybody, rather than privately.” He adds, “There’s stuff I look...

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